Friday, 22 November 2013

How to make money with

How to make money with

 Lots of money can be made by promoting click bank products through Click bank affiliates and vendors draw high quality and volume traffic through supportingAds. Click bank affiliates often get up to 75% of the sale which is sometimes even more than the product's original owner. ensures highest volume and quality of traffic for the ads that you place for your affiliate products from click bank. The contextual matching system of supporting allows you to put as many affiliate links as you would like in your account so that visitors already interested in the product visit your site. have a competitive bidding system where the bidding starts from as low as $ 0.05 per click which ensures that you get maximum number of clicks in the least budget. The initial payment for your advertising campaigns starts from as low as $20 which is the least investment for any type of online business.

As you know the click bank products are priced from $47 to $97 and you get 75% of the product's price as your share, you can earn fortune with least investment .For example if a unit sale is generated on 10 clicks it means out of 100 clicks 10 sales are made.

If the average price of a product is $ 80,ten sales will fetch $ 800 and you earn $ 600 as your share and 100 clicks will cost you $5. So on an investment of $5 you are earning $595 which can prove to be the most promising and lucrative business one can find.

 The most striking feature of this business is that you can do it from the comforts of your house or office sparing a few minutes per day or week at anytime anywhere. The modus operandi is very simple. You choose any product you think worthwhile from click bank and place it on the advertising network .

You can monitor the proceedings every few days to check the sales you have generated and your advertising balance. If your advertising balance is finished or about to finish you can add the funds so there is no interruption in your advertising campaigns.

If there is no sale or little sale you can look for other products that might have better sale prospects. You can always edit your ad campaigns from one product to another and with trial and error you will find a product that gives you maximum sales.

As you know nobody is a born marketer. If you look at the history of the marketing gurus you will notice that they have reached this level from a layman just by these trial and error approaches. Hence the method I explained above is the most practiced one by top click bank marketers and probably none of them will reveal as I have done.
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